We want our clients
to succeed. Period.


Before taking on any project, we will asses your products/services/history and see if we think it would be wise for you to take on a Brand Evolution Project at this stage in your business. Sometimes the answer will be "no" and we will be 100% honest with you if that is the case. The last thing we want is for you to invest in a Brand Evolution before you are ready - it will add unnecessary financial strain if done prematurely & will not yield the best results. 

However, if your business is brimming and you feel that it just needs "something" to push it into the next chapter, a Brand Evolution is likely the next step. 

Brand Evolution may be needed as a result of different circumstances: 

  • Many brands simply "outgrow" their original branding. As businesses develop, they learn about who they are, who they aren't, and who they want to be.
  • Sometimes brands need to change in order to meet market demands (*cough cough* Millennials *cough*)
  • Personal Branding is another super important brand sector. As you change and develop and grow and mature personally, it is imperative that your Personal Brand evolves with you. 

Brand evolution is the natural, normal progression of many brands. 

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Should You Work
With Us?

While we'd love to be able to Evolve every brand that comes our way, we simply can't! We've developed a list of criteria that will help you discern whether or not we will work well together.


Who You Will Be: 

  • an established business: you've had time to learn through trial and error. You've learned a little bit about who you are, and who you aren't. (While we will consider taking on some game-changer start-ups, we recommend waiting until you've gone through the "teething years" of business before investing in a Brand Evolution Project.)
  • ability to commit to the process: the Brand Evolution Process takes roughly 4-6 months from start to finish. As a part of our exploration phase (more on that below) we will be able to identify a few key and immediate fixes. However, majority of the evolution will take place over time. We value a high quality, steady paced, and holistic approach.
  • already generating consistent income: several elements of our process may require split testing. This requires an already established consumer base that we can learn from & observe over the course of our Evolution. This is not essential, but is ideal.
  • incredible product, passion, and perserverance: we aren't going to come in and save the day. You don't need to be saved. We are here to support you and simply transform your business into the potential it's cabable of becoming. 

Who Probably Isn't For Us:

  • "Need it Now" mindset: we understand better than most how important your business is to you. And we also understand the feeling of urgency in needing to act swiftly! However, we also know, through experience, that true progress and evolution both take time. 
  • I just want to pay someone to do it for me: we will do all of the heavy lifting - BUT - you are an essential piece of this puzzle and we need you to be available for thoughtful and considered decision making. 

Here's Our
Basic Process

please note: due to the individuality of each business, we could never definatively list every time that will be included in the Brand Evolution. Below merely sratches the surface of the ground we will cover together.

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phase one.
(2-3 months)

We meet you & the members of your team and start conducting interviews & asking the really important questions that will set the foundation for the rest of the Brand Evolution Process. We will explore things like strengths, weaknesses, market position, values, vision, mission, etc. 

We will also be able to implement a few quick fixes as we come across them during this phase (3-4 weeks into the process). 

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phase two.
(2-4 months)

This is when we start taking action on our insights gathered from the first step. This phase involves lots of conceptual thinking and the presentation of several creative and calculated strategies. This is the most visual phase of the process where we will present our key frame work of: who you are | how you look | how you sound.

This phase is where the momentum picks up and we start making the Brand Evolution a reality. 

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phase three.
(3-6 months)

This phase is the most important. It's where the practical application of your Brand Evolution comes in. We take what we have created and develop a plan of implementation throughout all touch-points of your business: website, stores, offices, content pillars, printed collateral, affiliations,  etc.
Our goal is for you to walk away with a complete & holistic Brand Evolution that is practical, unique, and sustainable.   

The Brand Evolution Process starts from $9500. Monthly payment plans can be arranged upon request. 


Our capabilities:

Sometimes it's hard to pin-point what you need - booking a consult is a great place to start if you aren't sure what you need, but here is a list to generate some ideas!



  • logo design
  • business & product naming
  • copywriting & messaging
  • development of mission & purpose


  • fashion
  • products & still life
  • lifestyle
  • corperate events

Digital Design: 

  • hand lettering
  • website design
  • bespoke collateral: business cards, stationery, etc. 

Creative Direction: 

  • creative brainstorming & planning
  • photoshoot creative direction
  • interior & store design direction
  • campaign planning & execution

Content Development: 

  • content pillar strategy
  • marketing calendar creation
  • branded content creation
  • copywriting & blog posting


  • brand story videos
  • interviews & branded segments
  • campaign videos to support imagery
  • hype videos & animation

30 Day Risk Free Period:

We think it's only fair to give you an opportunity to walk away if you decide it isn't the right fit. Within the first 30-days of our project  you may cancel your contract and only pay for the services provided up until the date of cancellation. 

Book a free consult and chat with Katie to see if we'd make a good fit for your Brand's Evolution!